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Reyes Lawn Care's professional lawn service technicians do more than just  mowing

We are a complete exterior and yard service company and can help you with all of your exterior jobs such as:

Gutter cleaning, power washing driveways, porches and patios, washing the exterior windows, checking and maintaining your sprinkler system, removing debris and leaves from your property,and tree trimming among other services.

  • Lawn Mowing Maintenance

  • Lawn Aeration

  • Flower Bed Cleanups

  • Leave Removal

  • Fertilizers / Weed Prevention

  • Weed Control

  • Mulch & Topdressing

  • Shrub & Tree Trimming

  • Landscaping & Native Plant Installs

  • Xero Scape

  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Repair

  • Roof & gutter cleaning

  • Power wash - Chemical Free

  • Fences

  • And much more.

North Austin Lawn Service
Recycle Leaves in Your Yard


Leaves are nature’s perfect mulch.

Mulch small amounts of leaves directly into your lawn.

Mulch Mowing:

Up to an inch or two of leaves can be mowed and left to break down in your lawn, adding nutrients and a bit of mulch to your lawn grass. Our sharp blades will mulch so that the leaves are thoroughly shredded and spread thinly.​We can also do raking and bagging of leaves

North Austin Lawn Service

The roots of a plant are the foundation on which that plant thrives.  Good roots will generally mean that you have a happy, healthy plant that can survive the rigors of spring and summer .  A poor root system means your plants cannot grow to their full potential and leaves them vulnerable to damage from insects and disease.Compacted soils inhibit root growth.  The most important factor for good roots is good soil preparation.  , There are some steps to be taken to get your beds ready to be planted. The most important step is having good, rich soil. Once your beds have been prepared and planted the final step is to add mulch. 

Mulching reduces evaporation from soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50% and stabilizes soil moisture. Reyes Lawn Care can help with your flower bed needs from start to finish.


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